Redesign of tablet app for

seed reps and growers

Corteva Agriscience

Main Team Members:
Ben Hall (Design Lead)
Steven Belknap (Designer)
Tex Hamilton (Delivery Lead)
Lisa Altringer (Project Manager)
Santosh Devireddy (Tech Lead)

6 months

Roles & Responsibilities:
Design System Creation

User Testing
Information Architecture

Design System Library
Design Components
Hi-Fi App Wireframes
User Testing Results
Design Process


Corteva is an agricultural science company specializing in producing seeds for farmers to use, and also provide support with digital tools to better help them keep track of crops, yields, and stats. Encirca 2.0 is a revamp of the old app called Encirca Pro, where it was originally used by both sales reps and growers, this will be mainly used exclusively by seed reps. This is a tool that will be provided to those who buy seeds from Corteva/Pioneer.

Roles & Responsibility

I helped design specific parts of the app around report generation and data integration. I also helped create a better design process and library for ease of access and consistency for developers. There were two teams, Inception and Maverick, that worked on different parts of the application. Each team consisted of about 8 people. There’s a total of three designers, one lead designer, and one designer from each team. We all collaborated to create the Encirca 2.0 app. Also did user testing with the service reps to validate the data connection and data upload flow.

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